Paul Suyambu is a Writer, Reporter, Anchor, Editor, etc., He was born as a son of Mr. Paul Nadar and Mrs. Swarnam on 25.04.1963 at Isanganvilai village, Kottar, Nagercoil Taluk, Kanyakumari District. From the age of 20, his short story are getting published in the newspaper. ‘Su.. ma.. thee..’ is the first short story published in the tamil monthly in the year of 1983.

Paul Suyambu has completed a couple of master’s degrees M.A. (History) and M.A. (Journalism & Mass communication). He was directly interviewed at the Tirunelveli Dina Thanthi office by Padmashree Dr Pa.Sivanthi Adhithanaar and Editor Mr R.Thiruvadi and appointed as Reporter in December 1987 and he took over the position of the reporter in Cuddalore Dina Thanthi Office the next month where he worked diligently and sincerely.

During that period, the work of establishing a new ‘Maalaimalar’ in Nagercoil took place and for that, a new ‘Editorial Team’ of top writers was formed. Paul Suyambu, who was featured in it, was promoted to sub-editor at Maalaimalar in Nagercoil. After working there for a year, he came to the head office of Maalaimalar in Chennai and staged his work in Thaenmalar, a magazine which was then a free affiliate of Maalaimalar Newspaper.

During the few months when Paul Suyambu was working there, they decided to give free supplements to the new books like Thangamalar and Kudumbamalar in ‘Dina thanthi’. Paul Suyambu was included in the committee and in 1989 he became the assistant editor of Dina thanthi Kudumbamalar. Later, he became the Editor-in-Charge for Gnaayirumalar (Sunday supplement) and remained a unique creator in Dinathanthi Group for 33 years till 2021.

Paul Suyambu, who proudly identifies himself as a student of the university ‘Dinathanthi’, wrote a novel ‘Paruva Malargal’ in 1992 for ‘Dinathanthi’. He wrote that novel which attracted the youth a lot. The novel was published as a book by the Madhi Nilayam Publishing House under the name ‘Urave Ne Urangathe..’ The legendary historical writer Govi Manisekaran had given a forward on it. During that period Paul Suyambu was also entrusted with the responsibility of writing children’s stories for the daily. He also authored a lot of children’s literature under pseudonyms like ‘Maayakkol Mandhiravaadhi’ and ‘Balanamboothiri’. Many books containing those works were published by “Manimegalai prasuram”

Princess Diana of England, who attracted people around the world, died in a car accident. His biographical series was written by Paul Suyambu in Gnayirumalar supplement. It was well appreciated by the readers. The story of Osama Bin Laden, who was declared an international terrorist by the United States, also appeared in his work.

Notable among author Paul Suyambu’s works is the Transgender Biographies series in 2008, it was serialized in Dinathanthi Gnaayirumalar under the name of ‘Aravaani Ulagathu Adhisayangal’. It can be said as a social revolution that the society which till then saw transgenders as an incomprehensible puzzle understood their mind, body and rituals and started welcoming them. The series explored the ins and outs of the lives of many famous transgender people across India. The series, which received a great response and made society look back towards transgenders, was later turned into a book in 2009. ‘Kizhakku Pathippagam’ publication published it under the name ‘Thirunangaigal ulagam adhisayangal.. adhirchikal’ (‘Transgender World Wonders.. Shocks’). The work also earned Paul Suyambu various awards. (In 2008 they were called ‘Aravanis’. Later they got the name ‘Thirunangai’)

From the time the brains of newborns begin to think, humans have a fear of death. Death is as natural as birth. Paul Suyambu wrote an article titled ‘Maranabayathai pokkum mandhira thodar” (‘Mantra series to remove the fear of death’) based on the idea that if you understand it psychologically, you can live happily every second without the fear of death. The popular series ran for almost a year. Later it was published as a book by Dinathanthi pathippagam publishing under the name of ‘ithuvum kadanthu pogum’ (This too shall pass) which sold remarkably well in a short period of time.

In 2007, when Paul Suyambu was serving as editor-in-charge, a reader phoned the magazine. she eloquently explained to Paul Suyambu that there had been a robbery at her house and how a robber who pretended to be a humanitarian had cleverly tricked him into entering the house. ‘No one else should be deceived like herself. So please publish an article in the daily about how she was cheated,’ she requested. Sensing the social concern in that request, Paul Suyambu made it an awareness article in Dinathanthi Gnayirumalar under the name ‘Usharayya Usharu’. As it got a great response, Paul Suyambu continued to write awareness articles about such incidents under the name ‘Usharayya Usharu’ for almost 13 years (i.e. till 2020). The collection of those articles has been published as a book by the name of ‘Usharayya Usharu’. This is a must-read book to avoid being cheated in life.

Paul Suyambu has written more than 500 short stories and novels. He has interviewed more than 1000 celebrities and introduced them to society by making articles for Dina thanthi Gnaiyarumalar. The section titled ‘Antharangam Ithu Antharangam’, compiled by him through the help of psychotherapists, in the book Kudumbamalar has provided psychological and sexual awareness to the readers for many years. During that period, it became a popular read among young adults alike. He has authored more than 25 books so far, It is noteworthy that many of which are written in the name of his wife S. Balamutha and daughter Subala

Prize and Awards Among his works are ‘Short Stories Emphasizing National Unity’, ‘Adishaya Dinosaur’, ‘Transgender World Wonders.. Shocks’ are won ‘The State Bank of India’s Literary Cash Prize for Best Books twice. Also won Cash Prize from Anantachari Foundation and Child Poet A. Valliappa Literary Circle Award etc.

As a Moderator Paul Suyambu also worked as a moderator at AMN TV for a year while working for the daily newspaper.

As a Host In every summer vacation season, Dinathanthi and VGP combined will conduct summer festival programs which will be held at Chennai VGP Golden Beach, Paul Suyambu is the one hosting the Programme. In it, there will be competitions such as Kolapotti, painting competition, singing competition, dance competition etc. led by celebrities. The summer festival is now in its 24th year.

Books He wrote Paul Suyambu is unique in compiling biographies of celebrities as follows

Oru Kooli Kodeeswararaana Kadhai (Biography of Founder & Businessmen Mr M.G.Muthu – Manimegalai Pirasuram)

Mandhira Saamraat (Biography of Bhuvaneswari Swamigal – Manimegalai Pirasuram)

Biography of Seychelles Businessmen Mr.K.D.Pillai (Manimegalai Pirasuram)

Hemalayam (Biography of Mother of Businessmen C.K.Ranganathan (Cavin Kare) Mrs Hema Chinnikrishnan – Mathi Nilayam)

Tholviyai Rusiyungal.. Vetriyai Rasiyungal.. (Biography of Mr A.D.Padmasingh Issac, Founder and Chairman of Indias No.1 Masala Brand, Aachi Masala – Kannadasan Pathippagam)

Indhiyavin Ambulance Manidhar Doctor Santhakumar (Founder & Chairman of Flying Squad Ambulance, who have been serving 43 years in this field and saved more than 5 lakh peoples)

He continues to write biographical books and is currently the editor of the tamil monthly magazine ‘Aachi Arokkiya Ulagam’, which is currently run by a leading international businessman in the food business Mr A.D. Padmasingh Isaac, Founder & Chairman of Aachi Group of Companies, who runs this monthly magazine for social awareness on a non-profit basis.

Family and Personal Life
Paul Suyambu’s wife’s name is Mrs.S.Balamutha. The couple has two daughters, Subala and Susmitha. Both are married. Mrs Subala lives in Saudi Arabia with her husband Mr Ponmanikandan. Mrs Susmitha lives in Chennai with her husband Mr Nirmal.

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